Season 9: Episode 15 - Secrets
Posted on Feb 15, 2012 12:00am

­NCIS investigates the mysterious death of two vigilante community activist who were shot and killed in a flower shop. It turns out that our victims were part of an organization that would dress in superhero costumes and canvas neighborhoods to weed out crime. Wendy Morgan, a local newspaper reporter, tells NCIS that one our victims Cpt. Jack Wallace called her and wanted to meet with her regarding classified information about nuclear energy. Vance gets Morgan to hold off on going to the press regarding Wallace’s death in exchange on being the first person they contact when new information is made available. Morgan also happens to be Tony’s ex-fiance. Wendy’s life is also threatened when someone tries to go after her. Some of the superhero crime fighting was posted online and Abby tracks it down to Clarence Tobbett, trust-fund baby who runs an anti-gang outreach group. It turns out that Clarence’s father, Wayne Tobbett, was a slumlord and would buy buildings for cheap in gang related neighborhoods. The super-heros would clean up the area and with crime down property values go up. Unbeknownst to Clarence, his father was eliminating the very people that he emulated. Wendy was also working on fluff piece exposing the real estate scam in the area which prompted Wayne to try and get rid of her as well. Tony struggles with his unresolved emotion toward Wendy and why she broke up with him.