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10 Signs You’re The DiNozzo of Your Work Place: NCIS

Posted on Oct 7, 2014 | 04:10pm

1. You’re the best at making decisions.

2. No matter how serious things get, you always know how to lighten the mood.

3. You have a tendency to play with things that are off limits.

4. And you’ve definitely snooped around your coworkers things -- hopefully you haven’t answered a racy Facetime call, though!

5. Your pop culture references are on point.

6. You can be a little melodramatic. But, that’s OK, you’re still lovable.

7. You’re in a total bromance with a coworker.

8. Everyone knows you’re a bit of a flirt.

9. You probably annoy your boss a lot…

10. But you always pull through when he needs you most

Stay weird, DiNozzos.


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