Watch DiNozzo And Tali's Adorable Father-Daughter Moments

A Very Special Agent got a very special surprise on Michael Weatherly's farewell episode.
Posted on Jun 17, 2016 | 08:00am
Father's Day will never be the same for Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. In the NCIS Season 13 finale, he unexpectedly found out that he had a daughter, Tali—launching him into a new chapter of his life with a lot to learn.

In this first highlight, it seems DiNozzo will be a natural as he plays with Tali and bonds with her for the first time:

Later in the episode, Palmer came over to lend a hand while DiNozzo tries to feed Tali. Palmer also offers some advice—and some big considerations:

Perhaps nobody was more excited than the proud papa's own proud papa. DiNozzo, Sr. offered his son some fatherly advice, while also getting to know his precious granddaughter:

For more, check out a photo gallery of DiNozzo's adorable father-daughter momentsTo see all of these precious moments and more, watch the Season 13 finale episode ("Family First) of NCIS on CBS.

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