14 Things You Don't Know Yet About NCIS Season 14 (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg reveals what's in store for Gibbs, Abby, and the rest of NCIS.
Posted on Sep 20, 2016 | 05:20am
The #1 drama on television is returning for Season 14 with big plans. NCIS Executive Producer Gary Glasberg offers up a taste of the year ahead, including plots for some longtime fan favorites as well as a few new agents on the team:

1. Gibbs and Fornell's friendship will be pushed to the limits, work wise, family wise and at home.
2. The boat in the basement is going to really mean something later in the season.
3. Bishop is going to get into a work and personal relationship that will surprise everybody.
4. A key moment in Quinn's past will significantly influence NCIS.
5. Palmer will play a huge role in a case that will take everyone by surprise. 
6. A revelation about Ducky's mother will open his eyes to a complicated past. 
7. Prepare for some holiday fun with Bishop's family at Thanksgiving. 
8. DiNozzo Senior will be back offering the team something they never expected. 
9. Gibbs' ex-wife did what?!
10. You'll never guess where McGee proposes to Delilah.
11. Vance is going to get involved with a woman of real Washington power. But is the relationship what it seems? 
12. Torres isn't afraid to kick some butt. Get ready for some NCIS action you're not accustomed to.
13. Don't get too cozy during the holiday episodes. Prepare for the unexpected come 2017. 
14. New faces. New styles. Same NCIS family. But Gibbs has something big up his sleeve. Bigger than we ever saw coming. 

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