See The Shocking Moment That Rocked McGee And Delilah On NCIS SPOILER ALERT: The newlyweds got a truly surprising wedding gift!
Posted on May 10, 2017 11:15am

Grab the bubblegum cigars and raise a glass, because McGee and Delilah are going to be parents!

If the news caught you by surprise, you're not alone. On the penultimate episode of NCIS Season 13, "Something Blue," Delilah's health seemed to have taken a turn for the worse when she fainted in the middle of a conversation about wedding invitations.

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Though the couple initially suspected Delilah had just succumbed to the stress of planning a wedding, it turns out she was 10 weeks pregnant.

Talk about a totally unexpected wedding present!

Congratulations, McGee and Delilah. You're going to be wonderful parents.

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