15 Times Abby Wore It Better Than Anybody Else Could

Rev the engine red

1. Rev the engine red

Honk if you love a hottie in frills and combat boots! Abby (Pauley Perrette) may make some edgy sartorial choices, but she never fails to exude glamour. Like the classic car to her left, Abby's look will always be timeless. 

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Sweet as a bluebell

2. Sweet as a bluebell

Know the expression, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Well, we're pretty sure it originated with Abby in mind. Behind the spikes and the spider-web tattoo lives an incredibly caring person. And, like her personality, her style can be just as surprising. One day she's rocking steel-toed boots, and the next she's donning a darling dress—life's no fun without an element of surprise! 
Having a 'Dogue' moment

3. Having a 'Dogue' moment

Either we've gone barking mad or Abby's the cutest canine we've ever seen. Somehow she managed to still look adorable wearing floppy ears and a plastic nose. Get this girl a treat!
Polka-dotted punk princess

4. Polka-dotted punk princess

No, your eyes have not deceived you. Abby not only wore a vibrant dress to Thanksgiving dinner, she also ditched her signature pigtails for braided buns. Hey, Abs, know what we'd be thankful for this year? A chance to raid your closet. 
Show your bones

5. Show your bones

Abby already wears her heart on her sleeve, so it only makes sense she'd give us a peek of her skeleton, too. And why wouldn't she? Abby's beautiful from the inside-out.
Vivacious in velvet

6. Vivacious in velvet

There's something so regal about pairing velvet with lace, it's no wonder the queen of fashion waltzed out wearing the combination. Replacing a crown with spikes and studs makes for a much more modern look that we're totally digging. Bow down!
Simply starstruck

7. Simply starstruck

Whoever said black and blue shouldn't be worn together clearly never met Abby. The fashionable forensic analyst elevated head-to-toe black by adding a pop of color and some quirky statement pieces. While we love the stars and the flames, we'd have to say Abby's smile will always be her best accessory. 
Fishing for compliments

8. Fishing for compliments

Okay, Abby would never need someone else to validate her personal style, but with knee highs as cool as hers, we couldn't resist.  
Mustachioed magician

9. Mustachioed magician

If you're looking for a quality entertainer for your upcoming event, Abby's your gal. She may have a few tricks up her sequined sleeve, but don't worry, Abby would never use those cuffs on you.
Runway ready

10. Runway ready

Dat 'do, doe! Seeing the new designer collections may be the purpose behind any fashion show, but if you ask us, checking out the models' hairstyles is just as fun. Abby's funky 'do would easily steal any show. 
 Queen of casual

11. Queen of casual

Is there anything better than a comfy sweater on a gloomy day? Abby elevated this laid-back look by accenting it with a touch of leather and a color-coordinated choker. Here's your proof that cozy can still look foxy. 
Fiercely Festive

12. Fiercely Festive

Move over Rudolph, Santa's got an even bolder sidekick now! Besides, nothing fights fog quite like a spine-chilling skeleton. 

13. Render-me-romanced

Need proof that love is eternal? Take one look at Abby's sweet dress featuring silhouettes of the dolefully devoted deceased. It's heart-warming in the most bone-chilling way.  
Too cool for school

14. Too cool for school

Whether you're waiting for the school bus or investigating a crime, pairing punky plaid with a feminine parasol is an effortless way to earn an "A" in sharp couture. 
Bingo babe

15. Bingo babe

A sign of great style is versatility. When Abby visited a retirement home and dabbled in a little late-night bingo, she ditched her signature black and red hues for deep army green. The statement belt buckle was just the touch this outfit needed to make it as unique as the fashionista wearing it.

​​STREAM: Full Episodes Of NCIS On CBS All Access

Watch all new episodes of NCIS on Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.