10 Words That Have A Different Meaning To NCIS Fans

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Civilians: An energy-boosting element found in coffee, tea, and soda. 

NCIS Fans: There's regular caffeine, and then there's Caf-Pow. The two don't even compare. 

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Civilians: A midday meal that provides energy to get you through the rest of the day. 

NCIS Fans: A bag of chips from the vending machine that will inevitably go uneaten thanks to an emergency call. 


Civilians: People you work with but maybe don't know much about on a personal level. 

NCIS Fans: Your second family. 


Civilians: A cute rubber bath toy, preferably yellow.

NCIS Fans: The most dapper doctor of them all. 


Civilians: Something that restricts you from having fun; things that are meant to be broken. 

NCIS Fans: A series of sacred guidelines that will help you become your best self.


Civilians: A fuzzy little monster who causes trouble. 

NCIS Fans: Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), a.k.a. the coolest autopsy gremlin around.


Civilians: A cold, sterile environment where super-serious technicians and scientists work. 

NCIS Fans: A warm space occupied by the happiest, most caring, and most stylish gal around. A trip to the lab ultimately leads to laughs, dance music, and a whole lotta' smiles. 


Civilians: A temporary title held by the newest employees who are still on their probationary period. 

NCIS Fans: An endearing nickname that will stick with you through the years.


Civilians: Something with added value. 

NCIS Fans: It's an agent—always an agent. 


Civilians: A dangerous, anonymous person who steals important documents, credit card information, and identities. 

NCIS Fans: The most loyal agent who stops terrorist attacks and saves millions of lives. 

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