Jon Cryer's NCIS Character Has Us In Stitches

Paging Dr. Taft

1. Paging Dr. Taft

Jon Cryer has given Season 13 of NCIS a riveting—and often hilarious—guest performance as Dr. Cyril Taft. His mission to revitalize and rehabilitate Gibbs has spanned three episodes. Let's salute the man who saved Gibbs' life by reliving some of his most memorable quotes. 
Very Punny

2. Very Punny

Neither one of these doctors could be called a quack.
Not A Magic Man

3. Not A Magic Man

Even a brilliant doctor can face limitations.
Big Impressions

4. Big Impressions

Dr. Taft has seen just about everything, so he's quick to point out when he's impressed! 
Cooking Tip 101

5. Cooking Tip 101

Steak is a pretty great motivator—especially when you're tracking down a killer. 
Batter Up

6. Batter Up

Swing and a miss? Sometimes it's an unfortunate part of the business. 
Missed You

7. Missed You

Nothing like biting humor and a cotton gown to make someone feel right at home... again!
Thinking Out Loud

8. Thinking Out Loud

Because an apple a day can't keep a burglar away. 
Prepare The Will

9. Prepare The Will

Just don't expect him to read the eulogy. 
A Warm Welcome

10. A Warm Welcome

Ah, a doctor with a sense of humor. Finally, someone who breathes life into a cold, sterile operating room. 
In Good Hands

11. In Good Hands

Joking aside, Dr. Taft assured NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and CIA Officer Joanna Teague that their friend and colleague would receive the best care. 
Don't Hold Back

12. Don't Hold Back

Ouch! Way to kick a man while he's down. Thankfully there was a doctor in the house to treat those sick burns!
Cue The Music

13. Cue The Music

Who says surgery can't be a joking matter? 
Pass The H2O

14. Pass The H2O

Yeah, sorry, Doc. Get him some water, stat!
Comes With The Territory

15. Comes With The Territory

Also note: You can run, you can hide, but you'll never escape bureaucracy! 
Bifocal Blunder

16. Bifocal Blunder

You'd think they'd have invented tiny windshield wipers by now. Oh, right. They call those assistants. 
Standing Ovation

17. Standing Ovation

Bravo! That should be an award-winning performance. 
Humble Reminders

18. Humble Reminders

Because sometimes all you need to know is that you're not in this alone.