12 Lines That Will Make Any NCIS Fan Swoon

Are you struggling to make a connection with that special someone? And is that special someone an NCIS fan? Then try these character-inspired lines to get their heart fluttering!


1. "Are you a tall glass of Caf-Pow? 'Cause you've got my heart racing."

"And your smile is more addictive than caffeine."

For this and more NCIS-inspired lines to get that special someone's heart pounding, read on!

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2. "If you gave me a gift, I'd wear it every single day."

No one knows love quite like Ducky

3. "Hello, McGorgeous."

Other options: McHandsome, McCharming, McSuave, McDarling, and McGood-Lookin'.

4. "You're a flawless specimen."

No lab coat needed to use this line. 

5. "Do you like forensic science? Because I've got my ion you."

Never underestimate the power of a great pun. 

6. "I feel like I've just been slapped in the head."

Some people get the butterflies, others feel like they've been slapped in the head by Gibbs. 

7. "I'd break any rule for you."

This one's saying a lot, especially since all NCIS fans know the value of Gibbs' rules!

8. "You're more cuddly than my favorite stuffed animal."

Bonus: "I'd like to hug you when I'm scared."
9. Translation:

9. Translation: "Hey, good lookin'."

Couples who code together, stay together. 

10. "I'd fight for Queen, Country... and you."

Take it from Reeves—chicks dig the accent.

11. "What happens undercover stays undercover."

Torres' lips are sealed.

12. "Do you know what kind of wood this is?"

If your desk's a-rocking, Gibbs comes a-knocking.

Watch NCIS on Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.