15 Gifts NCIS Has Given Us Over 300 Episodes

Loving head slaps

1. Loving head slaps

If you give one, just make sure it's light—and amicable!
A song in our heart

2. A song in our heart

Follow DiNozzo's lead and sing along
Palmer's goofy jokes

3. Palmer's goofy jokes

Dad humor is a whole lot cuter coming from our favorite mortician. 
A burst of energy

4. A burst of energy

Mornings are always better with good friends and a fresh cup of Caf-Pow!
Snack attacks

7. Snack attacks

Chips, Caf-Pow, or cookies—we don't discriminate when it comes to snacks! Check out the cupcakes at the 300th episode filming party!
Ducky's sage advice

8. Ducky's sage advice

He's a man with style—verbally and sartorially
The warm and fuzzies

11. The warm and fuzzies

Secret binary code languages, embarrassing hobbies, and over-the-top decorations? The NCIS team never fails to make us smile
Career advice

13. Career advice

Whether you're prepping for an interview or simply looking to get ahead at work, the NCIS team has the tips to help you succeed