The Real-Life Locations of NCIS

From television to real-life, this is the world of NCIS.

From television to real-life

1. From television to real-life

See the real-life military vessels and locations that are just like the ones visited by the NCIS team on the series.

Here, after an investigation, the NCIS team steals a small Russian assault vessel and uses the pirate boat to escape.

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Military speedboat

2. Military speedboat

Here, a real-life speedboat is used for an assault demo by Dutch Marines.

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Aerial view

3. Aerial view

The NCIS team was responsible for stopping a civilian plane from targeting a naval aircraft carrier.

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See the real thing

4. See the real thing

The U.S. Navy uses aircraft carriers, like this one, to act as floating airbases for naval aircraft.

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The NCIS team meets the Secret Service

5. The NCIS team meets the Secret Service

The first episode of the series begins on Air Force One, where Gibbs and his gang must investigate the death of a Naval officer aboard the flight.

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The president's plane

6. The president's plane

The real-life Air Force One is whichever equipped United States Air Force aircraft is carrying the President of the United States.

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The real deal

10. The real deal

A destroyer is a warship that accompanies a fleet or group and defends other naval ships. Here, sailors are seen aboard a real-life guided missile destroyer.

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Naval destroyers

11. Naval destroyers

An Arleigh Burke-class destroyer (pictured here) is one of the more heavily armed guided missile cruisers, boasting over 90 missiles.

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NCIS team landing

12. NCIS team landing

In "Chimera," the team uses a helicopter to arrive on a top-secret naval research ship, which has been abandoned.

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Real-life helipad

13. Real-life helipad

Here, a helipad for helicopter landings is seen on one of the U.S. Navy’s guided missile destroyers.

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The NCIS team abroad

14. The NCIS team abroad

The NCIS team doesn't only analyze cases on U.S. soil. In "Seek," Gibbs and McGee went to Afghanistan for an investigation.

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Troops overseas

15. Troops overseas

These real-life Marines stand vigilant in the mountains.

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Navy base backdrop

18. Navy base backdrop

The Naval Base Ventura County at Point Mugu served as the location for this memorable NCIS moment.

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A real autopsy room

20. A real autopsy room

The laboratory used on the show is not unlike the real thing, though it lacks the TV lighting.

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