Lost Photos


1. Pyramid

Gary Glasberg Comments: A quiet goodbye turns terribly mysterious as EJ removes a microchip from her deceased partner's arm. Kudos to Alimi Ballard for his willingness to do this scene. We usually use a rubber fake corpse. Not this time! Thanks Alimi.

2. Pyramid

Gary Glasberg Comments: A touching moment as Gibbs gives Franks' granddaughter the flag. But look in the background -- see that palm tree. Hey, that's not Arlington Cemetery! ;)

3. Baltimore

Gary Glasberg Comments: Baltimore was an episode that just felt right from the get go. We knew what we wanted to show about Tony's past and Steve Binder delivered it BIG TIME.

4. Two-Faced

Gary Glasberg Comments: Hubba-hubba. On-screen chemistry from day one. And Enrique and Cote could speak fluent spanish to each other when the cameras weren't rolling as well.
Don't Mess with Sarah!

5. Don't Mess with Sarah!

Gary Glasberg Comments: Sarah Jane Morris quickly felt at ease and comfortable with our whole team. Things often get playful on set and Sarah went right along with it.
Tell All

6. Tell All

Gary Glasberg Comments: This was a fun story based on recent true events about a CIA operative who published a book containing information that was STILL classified. We rarely do things ripped from the headlines, but it was a comfortable arena that made sense as an NCIS. In this instance, Cote and Michael managed to find some 'funny' in the charred remains of a manuscript.
Bob Newhart

7. Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart on the set of NCIS

8. Recruited

Gary Glasberg Comments: I've said it before and I'll say it again, what an honor and privilege to work with the gifted Bob Newhart. It was an unexpected surprise to have him join our cast for this episode and we were so lucky. He gave a television performance that will withstand the ages. Come on TV Academy...Mr. Newhart's never won an Emmy. Let's see what you can do.
Ships in the Night

9. Ships in the Night

Gary Glasberg Comments: How much do we love CGIS Agent Abigail Borin? If you wish hard enough you might get to see your favorite Coast Guard agent again some time soon.
Dressed to Impressed

10. Dressed to Impressed

Gary Glasberg Comments: Would you look at Cote in that dress...wow! Stunning how one minute she can be an ex-Mossad agent and the next look like a runway model.
Tough Guy

11. Tough Guy

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg Comments: Look at RJ Wagner down there on the floor being a tough guy. Just like the old days! What a treat to work with an icon of television. And folks...you'll absolutely see junior and senior united again. I personally can't wait.
Family Time

12. Family Time

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg Comments: Episode number one from season eight. Scenes between Mark Harmon and Ralph Waite are always magic. Here's a little tidbit -- you might be seeing more of Ralph at some point this season.