CBS Primetime Training

­Michael Weatherly captions photos from his latest Watch! Magazine Photo Shoot.
Day 22

1. Day 22

Day 22: At the end of CBS Star Training, I have a 2-hour review with Deepak Chopra and Oprah. Than I am release in to the wild, under contract, with the glow of a CBS TV Star.
Day 17

2. Day 17

Day 17: After 48 hour Desert Therapy. Solo.
Day 12

3. Day 12

Day 12: Learning the 4-quadrant patented CBS “Swagger” pose.
Day 9

4. Day 9

Day 9: Here I am in the opening stance of the intricate “Fertility Dance.”
Day 9

5. Day 9

Evel Knievel Motorcycle Training.
CBS Prime Time Training!

6. CBS Prime Time Training!

Every summer the stars of CBS are put through rigorous “Star Training” which includes sleep deprivation, 2 triathlons, kayaking, hand to hand combat, and snake wrangling. We also learn to stand on one foot with our eyes closed and get our own food. And we go to the bathroom by ourselves. In this picture, I’m learning to read a topographic map.