Season 3: Episode 18 - The Dragon And The Fairy
Posted on Mar 21, 2012 12:00am

When a young Vietnamese man is shot approaching the Vietnamese embassy, Callen and the team are charged with protecting the embassy. There's an upcoming Pan-Asian conference being held there and they've received several terrorist threats. While investigating the shooting, Kensi and Deeks uncover a human trafficking ring being run by Yen Tan, a woman who owns a shirt manufacturing company. Initially believing she was behind the threats, our team discovers her husband, Binh, reviled her ruthless ways and saw all capitalists as evil. Binh is the militant behind the threats and they’re able to stop him before he bombs the embassy. During the course of the investigation, NCIS:LA uses a Vietnam Vet as an interpreter who discovers his daughter and grandson were some of the couples victims and they manage to reunite the family.