Season 4: Episode 2 - Season 4: Episode 2
Posted on Oct 3, 2012 12:00am

The NCIS:LA team investigates the death of Gunnery Seargant Adam Davis, a former Marine killed in a drone strike on a terriorist target in the Middle East.  Adam's family and girlfriend refuse to believe he would have gone back to the area willingly, so the team digs into Adam's recent history to try and uncover his reasons for associating with wanted terrorists. The evidence leads them to a private security firm with a record of employing former military officers, many of whom have mysteriously gone missing. Sam and Callen drop by the security firm for a visit and discover that it is little more than a glorified phishing scam for identity theft. However, when Eric and Nell examine the company records, they determine that the security company not only sells the information they get from people, but also sell the people themselves. The company would promise a lucrative job, then trick the former military members into flying overseas, where they were delivered to terrorist groups and tortured for their military knowledge. The team stages a covert mission to Dubai -- the entry point in the Middle East for the victims -- where they rescue some of the missing veterans and arrest the terrorists involved.