Season 4: Episode 9 - The Gold Standard
Posted on Dec 12, 2012 12:00am

The NCIS:LA team investigates an armored car heist that took place right in the heart of LA live. The robbers, a team of five men all dressed in costumes, killed two armed guards, injured the third, and stole roughly $70 million dollars in gold bars that were part of a loan repayment from the US to China. The team follows the evidence and eventually finds all but one of the robbers dead, along with the entire haul of gold bars that were stolen. Convinced that the case couldn't be this open and shut, Callen and Sam take a closer look at the recovered gold bars and discover that they are actually fakes. Whoever killed the remaining robbers used tungsten as a substitute and then covered it in gold plating, so the team looks for digital and financial evidence of anyone ordering a large shipment of tungsten recently. Eventually, they trace a large shipment of tungsten to a shadow company in an industrial park. The team goes to investigate, meets resistance from the company goons, and eventually takes down the bad guys and recovers the gold, preventing a major financial catastrophe for the US.