Season 4: Episode 11 - Drive
Posted on Jan 9, 2013 12:00am

Jenny Radson, one of Deeks' former LAPD informants, is kidnapped at gunpoint while trying to relay an important message to him. NCIS:LA joins the case because it appears that Jenny had unearthed information about an international auto smuggling ring. In order to crack the case, Kensi goes undercover, posing as a street smart car thief and cousin to Jaime (from episode #308), who knows the men running the ring. Meanwhile, Callen and Sam track down Jenny's daughter, Talia, and try to crack a coded document the mother left for her daughter. They manage to unlock the document and discover that it contains all the vehicle identification numbers for the stolen cars, along with the name of the ring leader, Gonzalo Vargas. Vargas had been posing as a landscaper in rich areas of Los Angeles and casing the neighborhoods for cars to steal and sell overseas. After a showdown at an auto yard and tense standoff, the LA team takes down the Vargas and his crew, then locate Jenny and reunite her with her daughter.