Season 4: Episode 16 - Lokhay
Posted on Feb 27, 2013 12:00am

Sam snaps into action when he learns that the nephew of his good friend, Yusef Kahn, was kidnapped. Initially, Granger and Hetty forbid him from investigating the case on company time, but they change their tune when they learn that the kidnapper was none other than Haakim 'The Ambassador' Hamami, a wanted terrorist with connections to the Taliban. As the team starts to investigate the kidnapping, Sam talks with Yusef to see if he can get any leads on who would want to hurt his nephew, Amir. Yusef tells sam that he and Amir have been forced to flee countless times because the Taliban wants him dead; retribution for him saving Sam's life many years ago. Yusef then points him in the direct of Nicole Benet, Amir's girlfriend, whom he suspects of being a terrible influence on him. Kensi and Deeks question Nicole, but nothing seems out of the ordinary with her or her relationship with Amir. However, a search of Amir's home reveals that he owned a handgun, which Yusef did not know about. When Eric and Nell find surveillance footage that proves Amir knew Hamami prior to the abduction, the team realizes that Amir has sold his uncle out to the Taliban. Sam races to the Boathouse, where Yusef is being held for safety, only to find Hamami and his henchmen there waiting for him. Callen, Kensi, and Deeks race to the boathouse to save Sam, Yusef, and Amir, and they take down the bad guys after a tense shootout. Amir turns a gun on Sam, blaming him for the death of his family, and Yusef is forced to shoot his own nephew to save Sam yet again.