Season 5: Episode 2 - Impact
Posted on Oct 2, 2013 12:00am

NCIS investigates the crash of a private jet that killed a former Vice Admiral and journalist who were working on the Vice Admiral’s "tell all” book. Callen and Kensi are partnered together and go the journalist’s house, but all evidence has been lost in a fire. At the crash scene, Sam finds a damaged electronic recorder and Nell is able to salvage a track that reveals war crimes were being committed in Afghanistan. The team believes someone sabotaged the plane in order to prevent the truth from getting out. Eric discovers a fake air traffic recording that proves the pilot was given faulty landing instructions. The team sets up a sting using the journalist’s girlfriend and capture two men at her house. While Hetty considers this a win, Callen knows they’re up against something much bigger. Meanwhile, Nate arrives to help Sam and Deeks return to work.