Season 5: Episode 5 - Unwritten Rule
Posted on Oct 23, 2013 12:00am

Robin Henson, the girlfriend of recently discharged Navy intelligence officer William Garrett, is kidnapped from a public event in the canyons by a group of masked men. The NCIS:LA team is called in to investigate the case and locate Robin before it’s too late. Callen and Sam track down Garrett and try to uncover information that might point them in the direction of the kidnappers. They follow a few dead end leads, including one that leads them to a bitter mechanical engineer who served with Garrett and was jealous that he wasn't included in the new software start-up.He explains to the team that Garrett and his business partner, Oscar Bendetti, sold military grade technology for nearly 75 million dollars. With that kind of bankroll, Callen and Sam realize that the Chinese government likely used a shell company for the buy, and that Robin was kidnapped when Garrett discovered the truth and opted not to sell out his country. Eventually, the team learns that Robin is actually a con artist with a long history, and Oscar brokered the deal with the Chinese and arranged the fake kidnapping. Both are taken into custody and arrested.