Season 5: Episode 10 - The Frozen Lake
Posted on Nov 27, 2013 12:00am

Kensi and Deeks are acting strangely after their dinner the night before. A Pentagon Consultant is killed for a thumb drive that contains plans to seize Pakistan’s nukes. Deeks won’t take a shot that could risk Kensi’s life when she is held captive, and the bad guys get away. Callen and Sam work together to capture a Gurkha (an Indian commando) who joins their team to retrieve the drive. The Gurkha later steals the drive and escapes. Deeks goes undercover and finds the Gurkha. An emotional Kensi busts in to rescue Deeks who was nearly forced to kill the Gurkha to maintain cover. Deeks and Kensi seem ready to start a relationship but Hetty sends Kensi on a classified mission to Afghanistan.