Season 1: Episode 4 - Search and Destroy
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Sam and Callen are charged with finding and bringing in Walton Flynn, a Citdential employee (private security group), who went crazy in Iraq and killed the wealthy Iraqi businessman he was supposed to be protecting. NCIS figures out that Flynn is romancing a high school friend of his in order to get her help and they go undercover to find out where he is without tipping to her that he's in trouble.  Unfortunately, Citdential has their own agenda and seem to be hell-bent on taking him down before NCIS can take him in. Turns out, he has proof that the head of Citdential killed the Iraqi businessman, making him the scapegoat. When they find capture Flynn, Callen decides to let him go -- he's not guilty of anything and Callen knows Citdential’s reach would put Flynn in danger.