Season 2: Episode 13 - Archangel
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

When classified Naval documents are uploaded to a "free-press" blog site, NCIS:LA works to find the whistleblower before a group of mercenaries track them down and get a hold of U.S military secrets. Our team soon finds the owner of the blog site tortured and killed. They realize the killers were trying to obtain the decryption key to access the classified documents. Callen has the idea to send the whistleblower an email posing as the blogger to setup a meeting. Sam poses as the blogger and is surprised when a young woman arrives, Jenny Wainwright. She is the girlfriend of a Navy petty officer with top secret security clearance, Matt Briscoe. Briscoe was assigned to compile casualty reports in Iraq and became disillusioned with what he saw and decided everyone should know the true facts and names of the fallen soldiers. Our team runs into a snag when they encounter three uncooperative FBI agents and mercenaries all after the whistleblowers decryption key. Kensi and Deeks locate Briscoe's residence but a shoot out begins when Briscoe arrives and the mercenaries are inside his home. Sam tries to keep Jenny away from FBI custody until he finds Briscoe. Jenny tells Sam where to find him but the mercenaries are close behind. Sam realizes Briscoe has been tagged with a tracking device. Sam tries to pose as Briscoe since the mercenaries have never seen him but Briscoe is shot and dies at the scene. Before he dies he gives Sam the decryption key. Eric opens the files and it is a list of names of soldiers KIA in Iraq. Briscoe wanted everyone to know that they were more than just numbers.