Season 2: Episode 16 - Empty Quiver
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Sam and Callen have spent time undercover as CHP officers looking into a gang of corrupt officers known as the Golden State Taxi Service, who give safe passage to smugglers and criminals across a stretch of major U.S highway with suspected ties to Marines at Camp Pendleton. They are getting closer to the truth when they find the gang leader shot and barely alive but soon dies. The leader, Pat, was a former CHP officer and started the gang who assisted smugglers and criminals with safe passage on a major stretch of U.S highway. His number #2, Jennifer, was still a CHP officer and did not show up for her shift so Sam and Callen go to her home and walk-in on the aftermath of a shootout with evidence of someone being hit. It is unclear if Jennifer is involved in Pat's murder but they know they must find her. Eric helps them track her and they take her in. She tells them Pat was approached about a job with a big pay-off but when he said no they killed him. Callen has a plan and tells Jennifer to put the word out that the gang is back in on the plan and she is putting her two best guys - Sam and Callen. They meet with a businessman that says all he needs them to do is stop the SUV of a business rival and arrest him and a big pay-off with come to them. The team doesn't see what this has to do with Marines but follows the plan and find themselves in an ambush. The SUV was filled witht eh businessman's crew and the real plan was to steal a nuclear warhead that was making its way to be refurbished. The team races against the clock to find the warhead when they discover a young physicist to is kidnapped by the group to activate the warhead. The group uploads a video to the White House that threatens to blowup a U.S city and vows to release the video over the internet in 2 hours. The team discovers the businessman and physicist are working together and only stole the warhead as a scare tactic to create mass hysteria which would trigger a Wall Street sell-off, reaping them enormous profit.