Season 2: Episode 19 - Enemy Within
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

The disappearance of a Naval Intelligence Officer claiming a pro-American Venezuelan politician is a major threat to the U.S, brings in NCIS:LA when they realize he may be targeting the politician for assassination. Our team finds evidence in a nearby motel that the officer, Dennis Chambers, has all the security details for the Venezuelan politician, Gutierrez's arrival in Los Angeles for his one day fundraising event. Chambers superior noted that Chambers, using a top secret speech deconstruction program called HiPs, was a true believer that Gutierrez was masking his hatred for America and would be a major threat to our security if he was elected. Kensi and Deeks go to Chambers ex-wife's home to inform her of his disappearance and are almost run down by a pick-up truck that matches the description of a truck that picked up the day laborer who last met with Chambers and then was found murdered. The evidence is pointing at Chambers being an assassin until they find he was kidnapped by members of Gutierrez's own security team who intended to make Chambers the patsy, framing him for the assassination. Callen and the team go undercover at the fundraising event to catch the would-be-assassins before they strike. The use Chambers as bait in order to smoke them out and our team takes down the security staff behind the assassination plan without Gutierrez ever realizing his life was in danger.