Season 2: Episode 20 - The Job
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Kensi goes undercover as a highly trained cat burglar in order to stop a sophisticated thief from stealing antiquities from a Naval base. Our team finds that the thief, King, is after more than an antique vase and in reality he is trying to steal stealth technology hidden in the vase by a recently deported Chinese diplomat so he can then sell it to the Chinese. King is infamous for killing off his team as soon as they complete a job so when a blast goes off at King's home with Kensi and his crew inside, the team fears the worst. After assessing the crime scene and counting the bodies, they know Kensi is alive but still fear for her safety since they now have no communication with her. They stake out the one place they know King and Kensi will be - the Naval base. Kensi utilizes her wits and training to get King into the storage unit where the technology is hidden and the team rushes in and stops the robbery taking King into custody. Hetty lets the team know that the stealth technology was never really in danger since she had the vases switched and the fabricated stealth technology will be in Chinese hands shortly but they will never be the wiser.