Season 2: Episode 21 - Rocket Man
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

A rocket scientist is killed in a satellite test chamber on the eve of his company launching the satellite into space. NCIS:LA is called in to figure out if highly secretive satellite technology has been comprised. Hetty determines Eric is the ideal candidate to pose as an FCC inspector to examine the satellite test chamber. When Eric begins to inspect the chamber where the scientist was killed, the chamber locks almost killing Eric until Nell remotely disables the system.  The team tries to halt the satellite launch but are too late and the rocket and satellite explode moments after the launch. It turns out, the scientist's greedy partner and a disgruntled worker murdered him when they believed he was about to discover their plans to switch the real satellite with a dummy satellite in order to sell the highly classified communication technology, for profit, to the Turkish buyers that commisioned the satellite launch.