Season 3: Episode 4 - Deadline
Posted on Oct 12, 2011 12:00am

­NCIS:LA is called in when a female reporter is murdered as she is about to break a story about a mysterious Libyan freedom fighter named “El-Libi”; our team discovers “El-Libi” is broadcasting on U.S soil and being targeted by the Libyan government. "El-Libi" was an ex-pat who started "radio free Libya" after Ghadafi shut down the internet. Originally it was believed he moved back to Libya to broadcast from the center of the chaos but as our team follows the trail of evidence from the reporter and he Naval Intelligence Officer informant, they discover he was broadcasting from local Middle Eastern restaurant that had gone out of business several months ago. The restaurant owner's father, a Ghadafi loyalist, found out about El-Libi's whereabouts and informed Ghadafi's sercret police, betraying his own son. Ghadafi's men killed El-Libi in order to take over the airwaves and impersonate him so they could lead the freedom fighters into a trap and slaughter them. Callen and the team rush to find Ghadafi's men and in the end El-Libi has a new voice to rally the troops to freedom.