Season 3: Episode 5 - Sacrifice
Posted on Oct 19, 2011 12:00am

­A shootout at a pawn shop uncovers and unlikely working alliance between Al-Qaeda and a Mexican drug cartel. NCIS:LA works to figure out why these two odd bedfellows are working together and does their alliance risk U.S national security. To complicate matters, a young female Mexican police chief who was appointed after every other police chief was murdered by the cartel and everyone in town was too afraid to take the job, inserts herself into the investigation tracking down the Mendoza cartel member who murdered her brother. Deeks takes a liking to her as she does toward him but Kensi is less enthusiastic about having her around. As our team investigates the case they seem to have two FBI agents always one step ahead of them and when they finally catch them they realize they are CIA. The agents were trying to cover their mistake in allowing Al-Qaeda to steal a highly sophisticated drone which they now intended to sell to the Mendoza cartel to fund their terrorist activities. The agents lead the team to the location of the exchange when the police chief calls out one of the agents as a dirty cop who works for the cartel. Tempers flare and suddenly a car drives by and shots ring out at our team. When the smoke clears both CIA agents are dead and our police chief admits to killing the dirty agent but says it is only after he shot his partner and turned the gun on Kensi. Our team doesn't know if they can trust her and who is telling the truth. Soon they discover who is lying and rush to reclaim the drone from enemy hands.