Season 3: Episode 9 - Betrayal
Posted on Nov 16, 2011 12:00am

­Sam returns to the Sudan to help CIA Agent David Saleh complete their mission and gather evidence of Al-Qaeda terrorist training within the Sudan, when the body of a man turns up, the team is concerned it is Sam and Callen is sent to the Sudan. He discovers Sam is alive and the body is Agent Saleh’s. Kensi and Deeks try to find the source of the leak within the CIA before Sam’s identity is compromised. Sam stays undercover with the help of Callen and a man from the International Crime Court who is looking for evidence that the ex-Governor is responsible for atrocities against the people. Sam uses a romantic connection to Jada, the ex-Governor’s sister, to gain information. In the end, Sam's identity is compromised, but Sam gets Jada out of the country. She believes she and Sam will be together in the United States, only to be heartbroken when Sam tells her that they can never see one another again and she is forced to testify against her brother for war crimes.