Season 3: Episode 13 - Exit Strategy
Posted on Jan 11, 2012 12:00am

­Jada is being transported to finally testify in front of the Criminal Tribunal when there is an attempt to assasinate her as an SUV barrels into her transport vehicle. Our team is called in and Hetty worries that Sam may not be emotionally ready to see Jada again. Callen and the team discover that Elmslie and his family have also gone missing and fear that Khaled is behind both of these attacks. Jada gives the team the name of a contact Khaled has in L.A and they use his computer to contact Khaled. Khaled claims he is not involved but gives Sam an ominious warning that he will pay for what he has done. Eric finds the SUV that attacked Jada's transport and the team is stunned when they see surveillence footage that shows Elmslie was the driver. They track Elmslie and find that French agents, who had ties to Khaled, have kidnapped his family in order to get Elmslie to kill Jada before she reveals the French governments hand in arming Khaled. Callen and the team devise a plan to get Elmslie's family back and save Jada's life.