Season 3: Episode 15 - Crimeleon
Posted on Feb 15, 2012 12:00am

­NCIS: LA is called after two pharmaceutical executives are brutally murdered by Zahid DeGramont, a man believed to be the head of a French-Moroccan arms gang who is wanted in two other countries. Assistant Director Owen Granger introduces Sam and Callen to Interpol Agent Martin Källström, who has been tracking DeGramont across the globe. Confused, Callen informs Källström that DeGramont was killed in a raid that he led six months ago, but Agent Källström insists they investigate further given the similarities in the murder methods of the various cases. Sam and Callen go to visit Karim Ghilas, DeGramont's driver who Callen shot in the face in the raid; but the man they find is an imposter. After piecing bits of the puzzle together, the team figures out that the real murder's M.O. is that he's a Chameleon; someone who meticulously changes his identity for every crime he commits. They follow the clues to a nightclub and try to stage a bust, but the Chameleon turns the tables on them and sends them a video of Agent Källström being shot and burned alive in his car. When Eric contacts Interpol to inform them that one of their agents has been killed, the team learns that the Agent Källström they had been working with was an imposter, as well. Sam and Callen then follow a lead to a hotel, where they arrive just in time to see the fake Agent Källström die from poisoning. Callen then gets a call from the Chameleon, who tells him that he knows everything about Callen and will kill him one day as revenge for shooting him in the face. In the end, the real Chameleon escapes, leaving Callen anxious for his safety.