New Entry: Insider's Blog
Posted on Jan 11, 2013 06:45pm

Insider here! Happy New Year from the cast and crew! If you caught our first episode of 2013 you watched the team start the year off with a bang. Several bangs, actually. Rest assured there'll be more in our next episode. Also, brace yourself for some team turmoil in our next couple of episodes. As familiar faces return to the Ops Center, some will be making waves. And just when everyone was starting to get along, too.

Speaking of waves, some of you have been asking about our seventh episode this season, "Skin Deep". To answer your questions, yes it really is Eric and Daniela you see surfing. No stuntmen or trick photography involved. Eric's a seasoned veteran of the SoCal waves and Daniela just started recently. "I'm a beginner," she says. "I had a class before the shoot and it helped a lot… It felt amazing to stand up!" She's thinking of taking it up more regularly, so if you see her out there, I'd recommend you not steal her waves. She's an NCIS agent, after all.

We've got a string of new episodes heading your way so enjoy stay warm and KEEP COMING BACK!