New Entry: Insider's Blog
Posted on Oct 11, 2013 02:10pm

Insider here! Nothing beats a nice day at the park with perfect LA weather. Except perhaps a nice day at the park with perfect LA weather that you're getting paid for! I just got back from today's downtown location at LA's new Grand Park where Daniela and Eric (Kensi and Deeks) were shooting a scene on a huge, perfectly-manicured, perfectly green lawn. I think everyone on the crew would agree that it's days like these, when we're shooting outdoors in perfect weather among our fellow Angelinos and with the city's most beautiful buildings in the background, when we feel especially lucky to be working in Los Angeles. There's nothing like working from home. At the risk of sounding like a travel brochure, I'd encourage everyone reading this to take notice of the scenery in each episode and consider coming to check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed! Speaking of scenes, there's a couple MAJOR ones coming up in our next (and 100th!) episode. If you're interested in Callen's mysterious background, you definitely need to catch this one! So tune in, remember to check out the scenery and KEEP COMING BACK!