Special Guest Star on NCISLA!: Insider's Blog
Posted on Feb 21, 2014 03:25pm

Insider here! The crew just got back from a whopper of a location shoot. And by whopper I mean a marathon four day shoot out in the badlands of Los Angeles. Looking around, I think we all got a few degrees darker while out in the sun these past few days… although it could just be the dust. We kicked up a lot out there, what with all the bullets flying, armored cars rolling and choppers, er, chopping that we saw. Throw in a few horses, dark caves and camel and you’ve got a very fun few days on set. And rest assured, this whopper of a shoot will result in a whopper of an episode. Speaking of big episodes, we’ve got one coming up this Tuesday! Remember the very special guest star that I mentioned? Well, here he comes! Trust me, you’ll recognize him when you see him. To find out who it is stay tuned and KEEP COMING BACK!