NCIS Los Angeles Insider's Blog: "Spoils Of War"
Posted on Mar 28, 2014 05:30pm

Insider here! The crew’s been getting quite good at blending in with the crowd while on location shoots lately. Recently, while shooting in a residential area, a friendly neighbor approached yours truly and whispered “They’re shooting NCIS: Los Angeles. The one with LL Cool J and that Chris O’Donnell!” I thanked her for the info. And just today, while shooting out at the Hollywood and Highland Center (home of the Academy Awards as well as scores of fancy shopping destinations) some of our crew were asked to “please hold on a sec” because they were shooting a television show in the direction they were headed. Once they explained that it was them doing the shooting, they were allowed to pass. While getting lost in the crowd does at times cause some confusion, it’s a nice reminder that wherever we are, we’re among neighbors.

Speaking of getting lost, it looks like Kensi has done just that. In our last episode she was being held captive somewhere in Afghanistan, her team having no clue as to her whereabouts. So, yeah, things do not look good. To find out what will become of the most badass woman on primetime, tune in Tuesday and KEEP COMING BACK!