New Entry: Insider's Blog
Posted on Oct 12, 2012 06:12pm

INSIDER here! As you may have noticed by now, Miguel Ferrer (aka Assistant Director Owen Granger) has become a permanent fixture in the world of NCIS: Los Angeles. Certain members of the team (ahem, Hetty) may have preferred otherwise, but it seems Asistant Director Granger has taken a liking to the Operations Center. We've also found out he isn't such a bad guy after all. At least, not ALL bad. If you're debating wether the team should trust him or not, here are some facts to consider:

*He's a fan of "the big picture" as he calls it. He has repeatedly undermined the team's efforts on account of this.
*He and Hetty have had past interactions, leaving Granger with what Hetty believes to be a "personal vendetta" against her. Nothing is known about their past except that "There was a time you [Hetty] woulda' trusted me" as Granger says.
*He came to Los Angeles because he believed Kensi Blye was implicated in the murders of those she though responsible for her father's death. Ultimately, Granger helped track down the real killer (who was also the man who killed Kensi's father). Granger shot and killed the man himself.
*He was involved with the same Black Ops unit at Kensi's father. The two were trusted friends.

At this point we know Granger isn't out to ruin Kensi or disband the Los Angeles team as he had once threatened. We also know that he can come through in a pinch. However his so-called vendetta against Hetty is still unresolved. Perhaps because of this, the question of whether the team will ever fully trust him remains unanswerable. When asked what he thought about the matter, Todd (aka Sam Hanna) considered it for a long time then simply answered "I'm on the fence." That pretty much says it all. I'd love to hear what you all think about it so post away and KEEP COMING BACK!