Insider Blog: Keeping Up with Kensi
Posted on Feb 17, 2012 10:18am

Insider here! So why does Monty like NPR so much? I went to the source to find out. No, not the dog who plays Monty but the writer who conceived the character. However, when asked how Monty, a dog, could enjoy listening to NPR so much, the writer simply replied "It's the interviews." When pressed for more, he wouldn't say a word! For now the question of why Monty likes NPR remains unanswered but I promise to keep asking.

Also, AWESOME EPISODE ALERT!!! If you caught the preview at the end of our last episode, you may know that something's going down with Kensi next Tuesday. What you may not know is that this is going to be Kensi's biggest episode yet! So far, every day on set has seen at least one big scene for Daniela Ruah, the actress at the center of the storm. Despite all the long days, Daniela seems anything but weary. On the contrary, she's obviously eager to share the magnitude of this episode with her audience. "The fans are gonna get a lot this Tuesday," she says. "We'll learn something pretty huge about Kensi's past and what makes her tick." Translation: tune in next Tuesday and KEEP COMING BACK!