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NCIS Los Angeles Insider's Blog: Now This Is a Knife

Now This Is a Knife
Posted on Feb 18, 2015 | 01:40pm
Insider here! Just back from set and still reeling from what was probably the most surreal action sequence we’ve ever shot. Without spoiling the fun, I can tell you that it involves one of our agents in the most insane knife fight I’ve ever seen.

What’s craziest about it isn’t the number of knives our agent goes up against (I counted six, but I could have missed one) but the location of this slice’n’dice-fest. Definitely the last place you’d expect to see mobs of people trying to kill each other with huge cutting weapons. I hope they sterilize those things... This episode will air some time next month and you won’t want to miss it so KEEP COMING BACK!