Eric Christian Olsen And Daniela Ruah Swapped Faces At Comic-Con And It Was Glorious

Plus, the NCIS: Los Angeles stars tease what's in store for Deeks and Kensi.
Posted on Jul 21, 2016 | 11:35am
Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah represented in style for NCIS: Los Angeles at San Diego Comic-Con. They offered a tease of their characters' upcoming storylines during a Fan Favorite panel—but first, the best thing ever happened:
Yep, the dynamic duo swapped faces and it's totally mesmerizing.
As for Season 8, Eric and Daniela explained some of the planning for their characters, Deeks and Kensi. In case you hadn't heard, Daniela is currently pregnant with her second child, which, according to Eric, was a "catalyst for changing the storyline—and it's for the best."
"It's a big character arc," Daniela chimed in, "and a lot of obstacles she'll have to fight through."
"Perspective-altering obstacles," Eric added.

Since their panel was on Throwback Thursday, Eric and Daniela also revealed their very first gigs as actors.
"My aunt and uncle owned this amazing ice cream shop," Eric recalled, saying that his first job was a commercial for the store.
Daniela's first role was on a soap opera in Portugal, and she needed orange hair for the role. "It's very possible some friends called me Sideshow Bob," she quipped.
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