9 Must-See Deeks and Kensi Moments

What will the future hold for Deeks and Kensi?

1. A Friend In Need

1. 1. A Friend In Need

Kensi comes over to comfort Deeks while he is having trouble coming back to work after being tortured on assignment. Watch the moment here.
2. Sneaking Around

2. 2. Sneaking Around

Deeks and Kensi hide behind a door waiting for an explosion during an under cover assignment. Watch the moment here.
4. Take The Shot!

4. 4. Take The Shot!

Deeks let's his emotions get the best of him when Kensi is held hostage. Watch the moment here.
5. Frozen Lake

5. 5. Frozen Lake

Kensi explains why she doesn't think her relationship with Deeks will work. Watch the moment here.
6. Max Meets Fern

6. 6. Max Meets Fern

Deeks and Kensi get serious as they pretend to be just a boy and a girl instead of agents. Watch the moment here.
8. Rescue Mission Complete

8. 8. Rescue Mission Complete

Deeks and Kensi share a long embrace after she is rescued in Afghanistan. Watch the moment here.
9. End Of The Beginning

9. 9. End Of The Beginning

Deeks and Kensi take a step back on their relationship to put their job as a priority. Watch the moment here.