5 Ridiculously Awesome NCIS: Los Angeles Facts - "Iron Curtain Rising"

Go behind-the-scenes with inside info on last night's episode with amazing facts from CBS Sync!

Fly Me To The Moon

1. Fly Me To The Moon

The airport used in this episode is Burbank Airport, a location NCIS:Los Angeles has used several times, most recently this season in "Impact."
Danger, Will Robinson!

2. Danger, Will Robinson!

Did you know "Danger, Will Robinson!" is a catchphrase from the classic television show "Lost in Space?"
Inside California

3. Inside California

This scene was shot at Blue Cloud Ranch in Santa Clarita, about 35 miles north of Hollywood.
Dinner Time

4. Dinner Time

The last episode to begin in a restaurant was Season Three's "Fifth Man," which featured seemingly random people meeting in an empty diner.
Behind The Hetty Robot

5. Behind The Hetty Robot

The Hetty Robot is from a company called Double Robotics, an Australian technology company. The technical term is a "remote presence robot", and people have used it to deliver conference papers, participate in class while sick at home, and even attend weddings.

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