6 Awesome Facts from the Latest Episode of NCIS: Los Angeles

Go behind-the-scenes with inside info on last night's episode with amazing facts from CBS Sync!

1. "Scooby"

"Scooby" has become an affectionate nickname for any detective on the show, on screen and even on weekly shooting schedules.
The Siege of Sarajevo

2. The Siege of Sarajevo

The Siege of Sarajevo was the longest siege of a capital city in modern history. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was besieged by the Army of Republika Srpska from April 5, 1992 to February 29, 1996, during the Bosnian War.
Shoe Size

3. Shoe Size

A report from the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery suggests that about 35 percent of people underestimate their own shoe size by at least half a size.
Hetty's Tea

4. Hetty's Tea

Ceylon tea is the common name for tea grown in the island nation of Sri Lanka, which was known prior to independence as Ceylon.
“The Pallet House”

5. “The Pallet House”

The hundreds of wooden pallets used in this warehouse could have many uses. In 1999, I-Beam Design, an architecture and interior design firm based in New York, NY, won an award for their submission of “The Pallet House,” a design solution to house the returning refugees of Kosovo.