5 CBS Sync Facts From "Praesidium" - NCIS: Los Angeles S6 E3

Get behind the scenes facts when you sync with CBS.

Kitty Obstacle Course

1. Kitty Obstacle Course

Listen closely! The infomercial in the background is for a fake product called "Kitty Obstacle Course." Dialogue for the commercial announcer was written by Erin Broadhurst, one of the writers of this episode.
The Los Angeles Natural History Museum

2. The Los Angeles Natural History Museum

The Los Angeles Natural History Museum is the largest natural historical museum in the western United States and covers 4.5 billion years of history.
Director Vance

3. Director Vance

The last time Director Vance made an appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles was in Season Three, episode "Lange, H."
Behind The Scenes

4. Behind The Scenes

Scenes featuring Sam and Wallace were shot using a "process trailer." Actors performed their dialogue while prentending to drive. Car stunts were shot separately with the same camera rig used in the "Fast and Furious" films.

5. Dovecote

The house that was used for Dovecote belongs to writer/director Shane Black, famous for writing such hits as "Lethal Weapon," "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," and "Iron Man 3," which he also directed.