7 CBS Sync Facts From "The 3rd Choir" S6 E4

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Take A Step Back In Time

1. Take A Step Back In Time

Mattias was first introduced in Season Two's “Absolution,” accompanied by two goons, and checking the pulse of Sander Lee, a man he had gunned down. Callen and Sam stumbled on the scene and a firefight ensued. Sam killed one of the goons, but Mattias and the other escaped through a back door.
Deeks Did What??

2. Deeks Did What??

In Season Four's "Lohkay," Kensi found out that Deeks used to be a stripper in order to pay his room and board.
John Heard

3. John Heard

John Heard, who plays NCIS: Los Angeles' Special Congressional Investigator Michael Thomas, has a prior relationship with the District of Columbia. Not only was John born in Washington, D.C., but he also played Congressman Roger McCourt on the CBS show "Person Of Interest."
Behind The Scenes

4. Behind The Scenes

Meet J.R., a head chef with Bruce's Catering and part of the NCIS: Los Angeles family.
Nate Getz

5. Nate Getz

Nate Getz is the Operational Psychologist brought in from undisclosed field assignments to analyze coworker moods. He reads comic books and graphic novels. He completed college in three years; and he earned his Master's degree and a Doctorate in two years.
Arkady Kolcheck

6. Arkady Kolcheck

Arkady Kolcheck worked as a security consultant for mining companies and oil pipelines before starting his own consultancy firm in the U.S. and later moving to Los Angeles.