7 CBS Sync Facts From "Traitor" S6 E9

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Behind The Stunts

1. Behind The Stunts

To shoot this car crash, the production used nine different cameras; including two buried in trees on the side of the road, one inside the car, a Go Pro and the list goes on!
Cornflower Blue

2. Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue is a real color! It was first introduced as a Crayola Crayon color in 1949 and Dutch painter Johannes Vermmer mentioned it was one of his favorite colors, according to many art historians. Fans of author Chuck Palahnuik ("Fight Club") claim that he mentions the color at least once in every one of his novels.
Sarayu Rao

3. Sarayu Rao

Sarayu Rao, aka Dr. Susan DePaul, was also the attending physician in "Personal," the Season Two episode where Deeks was shot.
Inside NCIS Los Angeles

4. Inside NCIS Los Angeles

Way back in Season One's "Only Easy Day," Kensi was about to relieve herself in the stakeout vehicle (using a female urinal) but she and Agent Dom Vaile had to chase the suspect.

5. Ty

Does Ty look familiar? We last saw him in the Season One episode "Missing," where we learned that he was a friend of the Special Agent Dominic Vail. He tried to help the team recover Dom, but unfortunately Dom died in a gunfight as the team tried to escape.
Nice Chandelier

6. Nice Chandelier

According to Michael Udesky, the co-writer of the episode, this crazy chandelier was comprised of many small glass mushrooms. The cast and crew kept looking at it between takes!