Inside NCIS: Los Angeles - "Fighting Shadows" S6 E18

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Standard Practice

1. Standard Practice

Before every explosion filmed by NCIS: Los Angeles, the 1st AD (Assistant Director) gives a safety briefing to the cast and crew. This is standard practice.
Resistance Band

2. Resistance Band

Eric and Daniela were running so powerfully while working out in this scene that they broke the resistance band within the first 10 minutes of shooting. That's commitment!
Take a Step Back

3. Take a Step Back

In "Leipei," earlier this season, the team used a watch they found on a dead body to provide clues to the location of where a drone was going to be piloted. It was a hiking watch with an altimeter and a compass.

4. Chess

Sam is the only NCIS: Los Angeles character that has NOT been associated with playing chess. In addition to Nell and Eric, we've heard both Callen and Hetty mention chess in previous episodes (Callen enjoys computer chess and we've seen a chess set at his house. Hetty once had a standing chess game in Moscow with Gorbachev).
Brennan Dyson

5. Brennan Dyson

Brennan Dyson, LL Cool J's stunt double on the series, once played pro football and has performed stunts in many films and television shows.