Inside NCIS: Los Angeles - "Rage"

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Oakville Federal Prison

1. Oakville Federal Prison

Callen isn't the first member of NCIS: Los Angeles who has gone undercover at the Oakville Federal Prison. Sam went undercover here as Hakeem Fayed and helped Abdul Habaza escape to Yemen.

2. The SHU

The SHU can either stand for "Special Housing Unit," "Security Housing Unit" or "Special Handling Unit." It refers to where prisoners are kept in solitary confinement.
Dallas Adler

3. Dallas Adler

Dallas Adler's Los Angeles County Booking Record.
Dallas Adler

4. Dallas Adler

Dallas Adler's Oakville Federal Prison Sheet.
 Steven Walinski AKA Callen Under Cover

5. Steven Walinski AKA Callen Under Cover

Steven Walinski's Oakville Federal Prison Sheet.
Callen's Got Skills

6. Callen's Got Skills

Walinski's got some game on the bball court! And so does Callen! Basketball is his sport of choice.

7. "At Folsom Prison"

Did you know that Johnny Cash recorded a live album in a Prison? Cash popularized Folsom Prison with his song "Folsom Prison Blues" and by performing there twice; once in 1966 and again in 1968. The 1968 concert was the one released as the live album "At Folsom Prison."
Behind The Tattoos

8. Behind The Tattoos

After all of the tattoo images were approved for each character, the makeup department spent many hours applying every tattoo to the Aryan gang members' bodies.
Bank Robery

9. Bank Robery

This isn't the first bank robbery on NCIS: Los Angeles. Season One's episode "The Bank Job," brought back Detective Mike Renko, ended up being a staged robbery designed to catch a terrorist.
Dye Packs

10. Dye Packs

Dye packs are armed when they are removed from the drawer, and then get detonated via a radio signal when they pass through the bank doors. An aerosol is then released to stain and destroy the money as well as mark the robber's body.
Prop Money

11. Prop Money

According to NCIS: Los Angeles prop master, Steve Melton, these fake bills were used by the stars of the film "Oceans Eleven" (for the bank heist, not for their actual salaries!)
Hostage Rescue Team

12. Hostage Rescue Team

HRT stands for Hostage Rescue Team. The FBI's HRT operates similar to a SWAT team on a national level in extremely sensitive or dangerous situations. They can deploy anywhere in the US within 4 hours and are trained to handle almost any situation, including night, cold weather, maritime, aerial, rural, chemical and nuclear operations.