Season 1: Episode 21 - Many Happy Returns
Posted on May 3, 2012 11:00pm

When Finch learns that the POI is Sarah Jennings, a woman on the run from her US Marshall husband, he lies to Reese and tells him no numbers have come in. Finch is worried that Reese will overreact and do something rash, given the similarities between this case and what happened to Reese's lover Jessica years ago. Finch enlists Fusco to tail Sarah, only to be forced to do it himself when Fusco loses her. Sarah's husband, Brad Jennings, overhears Finch looking for his wife and corners him, but Reese appears in the nick of time to bail him out of a jam. Finch reluctantly lets Reese join the case, but it's too late - Jennings found Sarah and is heading out of town. Finch tracks down his car and Reese pursues him, willing to do whatever is necessary to save Sarah. Reese finds them, subdues Jennings, and tells Sarah she's free to go. Meanwhile, when Carter comes to Finch and informs him that the FBI have a lead on Reese in New Rochelle, he encourages her to join the FBI in their investigation so she can learn a little more about their mutual friend. While there, she learns that Reese may have killed Peter Arndt, Jessica's abusive husband and eventual murderer, and fully understands why Finch wanted Reese to stay away from this POI. Carter stops Reese on her way back from New Rochelle and asks him what he did with Jennings, but he's evasive and tells her to trust him; he's going to do the right thing. A few days later, Carter gets a call from a prison warden in Mexico, letting her know that Jennings was delivered to their jail with 10 kilos of heroin. Curious, Carter asks if there are other Americans in this jail, and the warden lets slip that there might be one or two more...