Season 1: Episode 22 - No Good Deed
Posted on May 11, 2012 12:00am

The machine gives Finch the number for this new POI, Henry Peck, a security analyst for the NSA, and a very good one at that. He's uncovered some anomalies in some of his past security reports and, unknowingly, discovered the existence of Finch's machine and endangered both of their lives. Reese fends off the black ops assasins sent to murder Peck, who continually manages to give them the slip thanks to his NSA training. When Finch finally lures Peck to a private meeting, he answers some of his questions about the machine, then offers him an escape in the form of a new identity. It's unclear what Peck will do, but it is very clear that Alicia Corwin heard Finch talking about the machine. We also see Finch's interactions with his early partner, Ingram, through flashbacks throughout the episode. Ingram has a lot of moral issues with the way the machine operates, so he hacks Finch's code and accesses the irrelevant list, hoping to help the people who show up on the list. We see the very first POI, Anna Sanders, and get the impression that Ingram chose to help save her life. Reese also spends some time trying to learn more about Finch, tailing him to see if he can learn anything. Reese eventually tracks down Finch's former lover, Grace, and learns that Finch had to leave her for her own safety.